Do you value friendship over truth?

I know this isn’t my normal posting day but there has been something on my mind lately that I just had to share with you. Truth? What value does it hold for you? For me truth is high up there on the scale. Yet it is almost a double standard. We want justice and truth to rise up to the top but we will let our friends get by with a lie to show how great a friend we are.  This warped sense of friendship has even caused people to take blame for a crime to keep their multiple offender friend out of jail.  Are we really doing them any favors?  The more times we do this the lies tend to snowball and soon we are doing it so often that it is really hard to see where the truth is anymore. At what point should they actually be forced to learn a lesson?

When you cover for a friend, you accept their character flaws as your own.  You are now no more trustworthy than them.  Not to mention the anxiety I have felt when covering for friends is sheer agony. Your word is no better than theirs.  I myself have had to learn the lesson that it is better to just fess up to what I did, take the punishment and then modify my behavior so that I don’t have to suffer that humiliation again.  I actually look back on those times as huge moments in the building of my character.  I have come to learn that no lie, even those pesky “little white lies” are simply not worth it. When the truth rises to the top and trust me it will, what side do you want to be on?  Do you want to be known for covering up or truth baring.

Author, Artist, Swim Instructor and 10+ year survivor of uterine cancer. Shannon has love of all things purple and teal, most greens, paisley and elephants.

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