Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Pointed pen calligraphy is one of my favorite techniques. I just love watching the ink flow from the nib. I haven’t had much time to use this style since late October when I was making cards for my fall craft shows. Needless to say I am a bit rusty. That and my ink consistency was a bit off. I still enjoyed making this quick video. The ink I am using is a custom blend. I find myself creating a lot of custom inks. It opens up so many more possibilities. I am using one of my Mega pens from ErikanXpressions fitted with my favorite Leonardt 33 nib. This particular pen I purchased blank and painted myself. Here is a video of my pen just after I painted it. I don’t do traditional calligraphy because quite honestly I just don’t have the patience to learn something like Copperplate or Spencerian. I manage quite well with modern calligraphy. I hope you enjoy today’s technique.

Author, Artist, Swim Instructor and 10+ year survivor of uterine cancer. Shannon has love of all things purple and teal, most greens, paisley and elephants.

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  • donnawiik

    It is very mesmerizing to watch the ink flow out of the nib turning what was plain into sparkle and glimmer.

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