Author, Artist, Swim Instructor and 10+ year survivor of uterine cancer. Shannon has love of all things purple and teal, most greens, paisley and elephants.

  • Do you value friendship over truth?

    I know this isn’t my normal posting day but there has been something on my mind lately that I just had to share with you. Truth? What value does it hold for you? For me truth is high up there on the scale. Yet it is almost a double standard. We want justice and truth to rise up to the top but we will let our friends get by with a lie to show how great a friend we are.  This warped sense of friendship has even caused people to take blame for a crime to keep their multiple offender friend out of jail.  Are we really doing them any…

  • National Coloring Book Day

    One would think that since I have published two Prayer Journals with Coloring Pages I would remember when National Coloring Book Day was……ummm Nope. I am late again. So head over to my S.E. Foster Readers Facebook group and grab a free Coloring Page.

  • Self care

    I had so many plans for today. However just as I was getting my morning started I got really cold. I mean my feet were ice cold. So I turned the a/c up to 75 and was still ice cold so I thought I will just crawl under the covers for a bit and the get started on my day. Two hours later I was still cold and a bit achy. Not to mention quite disappointed that I didn’t feel good enough to work on any of the projects I had planned for the day. Finally by 12:15 I gave in and called the YW to let them know I…